• Summer 2002, Riviera Romagnola.
  • It was in that warm summer, the brothers Paolo and Luca, decided to bring Romagna’s tradition into the city of Bologna, getting together Emilia and Romagna. That is how the idea of Las Piadina took shape, with the opening on January 22, 2003.
    Since the beginning, the devoted research of a wide variety of selected raw materials makes our “Regina di Romagna” always tempting and attractive.
    We offer a wide range of filling to satisfy all kind of taste. From the 'Traditional’ like prosciutto crudo, squacquerone and rucola (raw ham, soft spreadable cheese and arugula) or the ‘Erbazzone’ made with spinach and chard slow cooked with red pepper and garlic, to our chef revised piadina like Mortadella bolognese, baked potatoes and smoked scamorza cheese or our Crescione stuffed with Ragù well known as bolognese sauce.
    Moreover here at Las Piadina you can find ‘Classic' the traditional and original dough which made us famous in Bologna, composed with soft wheat flour and pig's fat, and ‘Vegan' a dough made with extra virgin olive oil and 100% whole weat flour.
    Last but not least, a complete passion and care in addiction to a family-run business, ensure high quality in line with tradition throughout the years.
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